About OA

O.A. Travel and Tours Limited is a wholly owned Ghanaian registered Company specializing in the provision of transport services to the general public and employee bussing for corporations. Its head office is in Kumasi. Nana Opoku Agyemang is a renowned businessman and the founder O.A. Travel and Tours. Limited. As a leading Transport company in the country currently, we are committed to providing excellent Transport Services with very high safety standards and has gain a reputation as the best transport service provider in the Sub-Region. O.A. Travel and Tours has seen tremendous technological modernization in the past year being the only company to successfully digitalize and offer online ticket purchases. We have embarked on a drive to execute contracts with huge players in the economy including the mining, telecommunications and fisheries sectors.

Where is OA?

Almost everywhere you want us to be!
Explore our most popular routes.
OA has major transportation hubs in the country, serving more than 50 different cities and towns.
Oa helps you stay connected at a great low price for your convenience.